Server Shut Down
5th Apr 2013 · [DMW] Helmet · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

I'll be shutting down the server. Nobody uses anymore so there is no point to continue paying for it. It's been fun!

I'm Back
2nd Apr 2013 · [DMW] Helmet · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

I am back and fixed the server. I added the rMod2 (Not rMod2.1) which is nice to have more types of vehicles. Bases are back and also added new skins. Enjoy!

10th Feb 2013 · [DMW] Helmet · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello, Fellow Zombie Hunters
The bases are not up because of HFB last month when they moved to a "High performance server". I need to re-run a build with certain parameters set to enable objects in the server (bases), custom load outs, and care packages. I don't have Perl setup on my laptop while I am on the road so, It will have to wait until I get back. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks

Another Update
5th Feb 2013 · [DMW] Helmet · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

It seems that the new Wasteland mod sucks so, I reinstalled the Fallujah Map Pack. Let me know if there are any problems getting on to the game.


3rd Feb 2013 · [DMW] Helmet · 4 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello my loyal players,
HFB Servers has upgraded to a much better and faster hardware therefore, everything that I have done to make a better game play for you is now gone. Thank You HFB! I'm still on the road and will not be back until March. I can still remote access the system and make changes, I have noticed the new wasteland maps that were added and installed the Takistan Map for you to try. Plz let me know if it works as I can not play it for myself. Thx. Have Fun!


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