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We are currently setting up the sever so it can be whitelisted. When the sever is white listed we will be start custom classes, Clan Battle and such, For Example Anyone else get pissed when you build that "Perfect Base" For your Clan and you get off and then it gets raided while your offline. Dont look any further then this sever. Want to Plan a raid? Against a Warring Clan let me know. You have to give me the exact time you plan on it. I will tell the enemy Clan exactly 10 minutes before your clan plans to attack. So they have a chance to prepare. Each Clan may Apply for a Custom Base. A Custom Base will include 2 Cars at random A complete walled in area with one way in one way out. No Zombie Spawns and Last but not least The things you put in your base are safe unless a rival clan attacks your compound. If you still want to be in the sever you can always be a lone wolf. Your Choice. Thanks I hope you all like the sever. We have no entered whitelisting so no raiding of custom camps.
Please register, and if you wish to be added to the whitlist "click" Join us!
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